Stories and Poems by RHD




A dragon lurks within me all the while
I pass through life in silent disposition.
Behind these placid eyes of grey, a fire
Smolders with the blood’s anticipation.

There is some wisdom in imposed restraint.
My muscles coil around forbidden treasures,
Desires held too close to be revealed,
Wealth unspent, remorseful sighs endured.

But there is power too: A pressure
Builds in veins of molten gold and dread
In sharpened claws. Ask all who read the subtext:
When does the dragon raise his watchful head?

If someone enters in his Labyrinth,
The Minotaur will know at once he’s there,
And track him down in fateful time. Just so,
When someone speaks to me, the dragon hears.


This poem was published in theMay 2015 issue of FrostFire Worlds.