Stories and Poems by RHD




Have we talked too much of dragons? 
      My shoulders throb from efforts to take flight.
      What little skill I have I learned from you.
            Now trouble keeps us always underground.
            I miss our partnership of clouds.

My wing buds grew from rhythmic jolts
      at a toddler’s first sight of airborne kites,
      tails twisting like Oriental spirits,
            in bright reds and yellows against the blue,
            their strings invisible in the nurturing Sun.

There was joy and dancing in those days
      as our webbing grew strong enough
      to loft adventures into the sky, 
            where we gyred and roared… 
            but then the fantasies turned grim. 

With passing time. We hide now below
      the blasted landscape of our village,
      hording piles of sentiment and
            accusing treasured memories
            of a more sinister intent.

Those who glimpse the ruined fires
      in our eyes find scant compassion.
      When talons rip apart the offered lamb,
            we shed our ruby tears
            and coil within ourselves more tightly.
Unleash that dragon pride again!  
      Let’s deck our scaly backs in colored ribbons
      like samurais before the battle!
            And soar to the mountaintops
            we once could reach!

We’ve talked so much of dragons:
      But I don’t like this story
      where we lie buried in our caves.
I like the one
      in which we gambol through the air
      to lands where only magic
            is allowed.


This poem appeared in the May 2015 issue of FrostFire Worlds.